Pricing & Location

Other services available upon request, for our fully updated price list please contact us.
My service is done through the post, although local pick-up can be arranged if you live within the GL or BS postal area. When posting your items be sure to post them Recorded so that you can have piece of mind that the item will arrive safely.
Payments can be made in many different ways;

                                                                           Bank transfer

Debit or Credit Card across the door

Debit or Credit Card by Secure link

Cheque made payable to VHS to DVD

Postal order made payable to VHS to DVD

 I do ask for a postage fee to send the items back using a secure service. To get an instant quote for this just message me with the weight of your item(s).
Deliver/Post to:
1 Burdett Terrace
Lower Berrycroft 
GL13 9AE

Excellent Service, Very pleased! 10/10 –Darren Powell

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